Macros & Key Bindings

Below is a full list of all of my macros and key bindings.  I try to plan out my key bindings in advance, to get a layout that feels completely natural to me.  I use a Microsoft 4000 keyboard, which has shift keys that are very easy for me to reach.  If your keyboard has shift keys that are more out of reach, then you will probably find a lot of these key bindings very awkward for you.  I do not recommend that you blindly copy all of my key bindings, since everyone has certain preferences that work best for them.  I also use default movement keys (QWEASD), which is something I would probably change if I could go back in time, but now I’m simply too used to them to switch.

Key binding: 1
#showtooltip Colossus Smash
/cast Charge
/cast Colossus Smash
/castsequence reset=3/target Hamstring,z

Having a fake spell name ("z") in a cast sequence macro makes it so that you will only cast that ability once until the sequence resets.

Key binding: 2
#showtooltip Mortal Strike
/focus arena2
/cast Mortal Strike
/cast [@arenapet1] Taunt
/cast [@arenapet2] Taunt
/cast [@arenapet3] Taunt
/cast [@arenapet4] Taunt
/cast [@arenapet5] Taunt

Taunt is not on the global cooldown so there is no real penalty in spamming it throughout the game.  Taunting someone's pet will cause it to attack you (even if only temporarily).  Focus is used to automatically apply (and reapply) focus to healers, if I don't think I will need to change my focus throughout the game.

Key binding: 3
Spell: Overpower

Key binding: 4
/cast Pummel
/cast [@arena1] Pummel
/cast [@arena2] Pummel
/cast [@arena3] Pummel

Having pummel 1/2/3 in this macro allows me to pummel whoever I am facing, without having to target them.  If my main target is a valid target for pummel, it will still use the spell on that first.

Key binding: 5
Spell: Heroic Strike

Key binding: 6
Spell: Slam

Key binding: R
Spell: Heroic Leap

Key binding: T
#showtooltip Execute
/use 10
/use 13
/cast Avatar
/cast Bloodbath
/cast Blood Fury
/cast Recklessness
/cast Skull Banner
/cast Execute

/use 10 is for engineering gloves, and /use 13 is for the top trinket slot.

Key binding: F
Spell: Shockwave

Key binding: G
Item: PvP Trinket

Key binding: B
/cast Intimidating Shout

Key binding: V
#showtooltip Intervene
/cast Intervene

This macro will automatically target the nearest ally target in your field of view, and use it to quickly break you out of roots.  This can sometimes be a pet or totem, causing you to partially waste the damage reduction effect of Safeguard, but the shorter distance you travel to break the root, typically the shorter distance you need to run to get back on your target.

Key binding: C
Spell: Spell Reflection

Key binding: X
Spell: Mass Spell Reflection

Key binding: Z
#showtooltip Shield Wall
/cast Defensive Stance
/cast Shield Wall
/cast Spell Reflection
/cast Demoralizing Banner
/use Healthstone

Key binding: Shift+1
/cast [@focus] Charge
/cast [@focus] Pummel

Charge has a minimum range and Pummel has a maximum range, so these two can be safely macrod together as a good way to stop healers.  You still need to be facing your focus target to pummel it.

Key binding: Shift+2
Spell: Hamstring

Used when my cast sequence has not reset yet on my Colossus Smash macro (usually when the target dodges).

Key binding: Shift+3
/cancelaura Hand of Protection
/cancelaura Bladestorm
/cast Shattering Throw

Key binding:  Shift+4
Spell: Thunder Clap

Key binding: Shift+5
Spell: Avatar / Bloodbath / Storm Bolt

Key binding: Shift+6
/cast Heroic Throw
/cast Throw

Key binding: Shift+R
/cast Berserker Rage
/cast Charge
/cast Heroic Leap

Key binding: Shift+T
Spell: Victory Rush

Key binding: Shift+F, Mouse Wheel Up, and Mouse Wheel Down
Spell: Disrupting Shout

Key binding: Shift+G
Spell: Intervene

Used (rarely) to manually cast intervene if one of my macros is not working.

Key binding: Shift+B
/cast [@focus] Intimidating Shout

Key binding: Shift+V
#showtooltip Mocking Banner
/targetexact Demoralizing Banner
/targetexact Mocking Banner
/cast [noraid, noparty, noharm] Intervene
/targetlasttarget [noraid, noparty, noharm, exists]
/castsequence reset=combat Mocking Banner, Demoralizing Banner

Requires two presses.  Drops a banner on the ground and then intervenes to it.

Key binding: Shift+C
Spell: Die by the Sword

Key binding: Shift+X
Spell: Disarm

Key binding: Shift+Z
/cast Rallying Cry
/cast Demoralizing Banner

Key binding: F1
/cast [@focus] Storm Bolt

Key binding: F2
/cast [@Zilea] Intervene
–/equipset Shield
–/cast Spell Reflection

I like to have F2 always set to my healer, so I don't have to look at the raid frames to figure out if I need to hit F2 or F3 to intervene a certain teammate, it's just always the same.  You can enable the bottom two lines when against hunter teams, to more easily reflect Freezing Traps.  Also note that Intervene will be automatically replaced by Safeguard when you have it; no need to edit the macro.

Key binding: F3
/cast [@Valrath] Intervene

Key binding: Ctrl+1
Spell: Battle Stance

Key binding: Ctrl+2
Spell: Defensive Stance

Key binding: Y
Spell: Battle Shout

Key binding: H
Spell: Commanding Shout

Key binding: N
Spell: Stampeding Shout (from Symbiosis)

Key binding: Ctrl+F
Macro:#showtooltip Obsidian Nightwing
/cast Battle Shout
–/cast Commanding Shout
/cast Obsidian Nightwing

Used to shout and then instantly mount up.  Use after arena gates open, so you don't lose rage.

Key binding: Mouse Button 4 (side button)
Item: Bandage

Those are all of my primary macros.  I also have macros for casting Storm Bolt at arena targets 1/2/3, and key bindings set in the default WoW interface for targeting 1/2/3, and focusing 1/2/3 (though I don’t use them too often as a melee — I usually prefer tab).